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A New Way of Living

Fame, fortune, sex, control, money, respect, etc. Nothing is wrong with any of these, but if they are our goals, the more we get the more we want: a vicious cycle of desire. But Jesus inaugurated a new way of living and to His ideal we pursue. It will take exposure to His teachings, empowerment by His Holy Spirit, and deep connections to fellow followers to live this full adventurous life! So we are intentional with our relationships, our approach to His teachings, and our desire to be fully empowered by His Holy Spirit.
At our Wednesday night Gathering at 7 we grow in our understanding of His will for ourselves and community through teaching, discussion, and spiritual disciplines like worship and prayer. Following Jesus gives us hope for Umass and our world. He inspired respect for women in a male dominant society, non-violence in the age of Roman crucifixion, and the humanization of the outcast, foreigner, and impoverished. We believe that our community is inspiring others to consider following Him.

You are invited to 'Follow'

As disciples of Christ, everything we do together in is connected to the one whom we are following. Jesus Christ Whether it's a fun activity, meal, worship moment, prayer meeting, serving in Freedom Cafe, hanging with an international student, or a meal together in the dining commons. Welcome to 'Follow'
Weekly Gathering

Join us for prayer, worship and a devotional thought for the community
What to expect at 'The Gathering'.

Stir Fridays

Each Friday at 1:30 come to the chi alpha house for stir-fry! (starting September 15th at 768 N Pleasant St)

Full Calendar & Special Events

Events are only one aspect of 'Follow', but they can be a great way to get plugged into our community.
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